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2010-1학기 연세대학교 대학원생 우수논문 공모 요강
  • 작성일 : 2010-02-24
  • 조회수 :1709
2010-1학기 연세대학교 대학원생 우수논문 공모 요강 1. 목 적 : 대학원생의 우수논문을 선정․시상함으로써 내실 있는 학문풍토를 이루며, 연구의욕을 높이고자 함. 2. 심사 대상 : ① 학술논문(재학생) : 재학 중 학술논문의 형식으로 발표된 논문 ② 학위논문(졸업생) : 2009년 8월 및 2010년 2월 졸업 학위논문 * 학생의 전공분야와 관련되는 학술논문에 한함. 3. 선정 부문 : ① 우수상 : 인문과학, 사회과학, 자연계 기초과학, 자연계 응용과학 각 부문에서 석사학위과정과 박사학위과정별 각 1편씩, 의학부문에서 석사학위 과정과 박사학위과정별 각 2편씩 총 12편. * 심사결과 우수논문이 없다고 판정할 경우 선정하지 않을 수 있음. ② 장려상 : 각 분야별 약간명 4. 응모 자격 : 일반대학원 재학생 * 학위논문은 2009년 8월 및 2010년 2월 졸업생 5. 접수 기간 : 2010. 3. 3(수) - 3. 9(화) 각 단과대학 사무실 6. 제출 서류 : ① 지도교수 추천서 1부. ② 논문 3부. ③ 논문요약 3부 (A4 1페이지 분량). ④ 피추천자 연구업적 내용 3부. ⑤ 피추천자 연구업적 통계 3부. * 제출된 논문은 반환되지 않습니다. 7. 선정 방법 : 부문별 심사위원회에서 심의 선정. 8. 수상자선정 : 2010. 5월 초 선정 결과를 본인에게 통지함. 9. 시 상 : 2010. 5월 대학원 회의실 - 상장 및 부상 수여 Graduate School of Yonsei University Thesis Award Spring 2010 This award was created to foster competitive spirit and academic talent amongst graduate students. ■ Category: 1. Paper (current students): Students may submit papers written during coursework. 2. Thesis (graduating students): Students who have graduated in August 2009 or who are graduating in February 2010 may submit their thesis or dissertation. *The paper/thesis topic must be related to the student's major. ■ Papers are awarded in the following areas 1. Award of Distinction: One paper from the master level and one paper from the doctoral level will be selected from the Humanities departments, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Natural Science (theory), the College of Natural Science (applied). Two papers from the master level and two papers from the doctoral level will be selected from the College of Medicine. Altogether, twelve awards will be conferred. *Awards may not be conferred if there are no highly qualified papers. 2. Award of Merit: Several students from each field will be awarded. ■ Eligibility Students currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Yonsei University. ( Only August 2009 and February 2010 graduates are eligible for the thesis award). ■ Submission deadline Entries must be submitted between 2010.03.03(Wed)-03.09(Tue) to the student's respective departmental office. ■ Required documents 1. One recommendation letter written by your advisor. 2. Three copies of your paper. 3. Three copies of your paper's abstract (the length should not exceed one A4 paper) 4. Three copies of the recommender's research paper. 5. Three copies of a summary on the recommender's research career. All materials submitted for consideration will be considered the property of the university and will not be returned. The awards will be selected by the discretion of the judges. Results will be individually posted to students in early May 2010. The Award ceremony will be held in May 2010 in the Graduate Office Conference room. Yonsei University Graduate School