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수정 시작점( <-- 지우지마세요 )

■ M.S in Architecture

■ M.S in Architectural Engineering

참고: 일반대학원의 석사과정은 전임(full time)과정만 있고, 비전임(part time)과정은 공학대학원 과정에 지원해야 합니다.

■ Combined Degree Program

연세대학교 학부생이 학부 5, 6학기 때 (일반적으로 3학년에 해당) 1회 지원 가능하여, 합격시 학부 때부터 대학원 과목 수강하여 대학원 조기졸업이 가능하도록 한 과정입니다.

The Graduate Program of Architectural Engineering at Yonsei University aspires to be the world’s leading research-oriented architectural program, in line with the university’s 21st-century vision to be a global, specialized, information-based institution. Established in February 1962, the program has produced more than 1,000 graduates with Master’s degrees and 150 graduates with PhD degrees. They are active in the country’s leading research institutes, engineering consulting firms on building structures and environmental engineering, architecture studios, and construction companies. In total, 150 graduates have become professors engaged in research and training future architects.

Download the Graduate Student Handbook (in English)  

Download the Graduate Student Handbook (in Korean)  

For applications, please visit 

Applicants are also required to submit their language (English) test results; TOEFL 500(CBT 173/ IBT 61), TOEIC 630, or TEPS 530.