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수정 시작점( <-- 지우지마세요 )

Y.A.R.D - Yonsei Architecture Research & Design – is a research cluster that focuses on architecture and urban design. Four professors who are all practicing architects lead individual groups of YARD that work separately but often run project-based teams flexibly across the labs. 

   Alternative Design Laboratory  

Director | Moon Gyu CHOI |

Alternative Design Laboratory seeks to develop alternative design processes through addressing effective questions on conventional constructions based on in-depth knowledge in the modern era. The lab carries out research focused on alternatives in the present constructive environment by dividing nature and artificiality and their boundaries, interest in and understanding of surroundings that we do not consider in our everyday lives, and conversations with contemporaries, especially architects.

Main Research Areas

> Architectural design and Design

> Architectural Theory

  Architectural Design Laboratory  

Director | Sang Yun LEE |

This laboratory specializes in projects that incorporate sustainable designs in various scales and provides planning & design services for public and private sectors. Our research and practice areas range from master planning to architecture and interior design to strategic planning, product design, and design manuals.

Main Research Areas

> Architectural & Urban Design

> Architecture/ Urban Revitalization

> Sustainable Design

> Underground Space Design

> Architectural Theory

  OPENPLUS Design Laboratory  

Director | Jooeun SUNG | |  

The OPEN+(OPENPLUS) lab interprets architectural design in the context of urban dynamics and investigates how design and its processes respond to live cities, and vice versa. Through interviews, pilot studies, and participatory design processes, we look at and engage with elements of the city we live in, and fabricate physical and social relationship within it. We work together, particularly balancing between practically pleasing design and academically experimental design.

Main Research Areas

> Architectural & Urban Design

> Social sustainability, Policy

> Architecture & Marketing

> Public Consultation & Engagement

  CAT Architecture & Urban Design Laboratory  

Director | Sang Hoon YOUM | |  

The CAT (Context, Architecture & Technology) Architecture & Urban Design Lab seeks to discover alternative urban & architectural spaces as well as experimental design methods.

The lab’s architectural study explores the possibilities between architecture/urban, analog/digital, and form/material. Research interests include re-use & re-development, architectural geometry, and new design & teaching methods.

Main Research Areas

> Architecture & Urban Design

> Re-use & Re-development Architecture

> Material Design

> Design Methodology

> Architectural Pedagogy

수정 끝점( <-- 지우지마세요 )