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Building Construction Cluster consists of three individual labs. 

  Building Informatics Group (BIG)  

Director | Ghang LEE | |

We members of the Building Informatics Group (BIG) define “high-tech” as a technology that enables faster, cheaper, better, and more fool-proof production. In order to achieve this

“high-tech” level, BIG mainly researches the development of new construction technology, information, and resource management during a building’s life cycle, using state-of-the-art IT technology. Therefore, to improve productivity and economics of construction, BIG puts the most effort toward perception of the construction industry as high-tech, not as labor oriented low-tech.

Main Research Areas

> Construction information management

> BIM (Building Information Modeling)

> Interoperability

> Automation in construction

> Panelization and construction of complex building skins

  Sustainable Construction Management (SUSCOM) Laboratory  

Director | Taehoon HONG | |

SUStainable COnstruction Management (SUSCOM) Laboratory solves problems related to climate change, environmental pollution, and depletion of resources from the life cycle perspective of construction business by focusing on the research area of sustainable 

construction techniques and management skills. The research team achieves successful construction management by concentrating on in-depth investigations into the economic, environmental, and social impacts imposed during the life cycle of a construction project, based on life cycle cost analysis, life cycle assessment, and productivity analysis via computer simulation. Our current research focuses on investigations into the establishment of green building policies and the development of decision support models for the implementation of energy-saving techniques and new renewable energies.

Main Research Areas

> Integrated Management System for Life Cycle of a Construction Project

> Optimal Design Technology for Minimizing Carbon Emissions

> New Renewable Energy Adoption for Minimizing Carbon Emissions

> Optimal Construction Technology for Minimizing Carbon Emissions

> Optimal Operation & Maintenance Technology for Minimizing Carbon Emissions

  Innovative Construction Management (ICM) Laboratory  

Director | Youngcheol Kang |

Innovative Construction Management (ICM) Laboratory studies various managerial issues related to the effective delivery of construction projects. Specifically, the lab studies 1) the adoption/implementation of new technologies, policies, and processes in the life cycle of a project, 2) the quantification of its impacts, and 3) development of best practices maximizing its benefits. These issues are investigated with various units of analysis from industry-level to individual-level.

Main Research Areas 

> Performance Measure and Benchmarking

> Information Technology Implementation

> Productivity

> Integration (Integrated Project Delivery, Information Integration, etc.)

> Safety

> Front End Planning (Pre-Project Planning)

> Sustainability

> Project Delivery Method

> Various Human Factors for Better Construction

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