• 건축가 김수근의 건축 이념과 사상에 대한 강연 프로그램
  • [Seminar] 20171116 New Dimension in Digital Construction_Joshua Choi
  • [특강] 20171123 나도 건축주가 될 수 있다!_최인천
  • [특강] 20171123 재생된 미래:서울도시재생전 curator talk 염상훈


수정 시작점( <-- 지우지마세요 )

This cluster researches on history, theory, and planning which are the foundation for architectural design and education, and also bridges over to neighbourhood research field; urban planning.

 Lab of Architectural & Urban Space Design  

Director | Sang Ho LEE | |

  | Dong-Wook SOHN |  |


Main Research Areas


> Theories on Architectural & Urban Design

> Architecture & city planning for the elderly

> Walking-friendly design of built environment 

> Transit-oriented development (TOD)

> Modeling of human behavior in urban & architectural space 

> Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

> Sustainable urban design & development


수정 끝점( <-- 지우지마세요 )