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수정 시작점( <-- 지우지마세요 )

This cluster researches on history, theory, and planning which are the foundation for architectural design and education, and also bridges over to neighbourhood research field; urban planning. We currently feature two separate labs operating 

  Architecture Space Design Lab  

Director | Sang Ho LEE | |

The Architectural Space Design Lab, founded in 1996, has a specific focus on architectural planning, with its own vision of architectural space renewal and prognosis in the urban environment. The understanding of people’s lives, emotions, and actions in urban spaces is viewed as an efficient method for approaching the creation of suitable urban conditions. The use of a variety of research methods for understanding user-centered design and applying them directly to planning can aid in creation of human-centered and pleasant urban spaces.

Main Research Areas

> Planning and urban design

> Urban space and human behavior

> Design and planning of mixed-use complex

> Architecture & city for the aged

  Urban & Architectural Form Laboratory  

Director | Dong Wook SOHN | 

Urban & Architectural Form Lab at Yonsei University focuses on urban design and architectural planning research. The lab seeks to investigate how the physical pattern of urban environment affects the social, economic, and environmental quality of human   

settlement by analyzing a variety of data on built environment and human behavior. We conduct multidisciplinary urban research projects to develop context-sensitive urban & architectural design alternatives. Our current research focuses on developing sustainable urban design strategies associated with walking-friendly built environment and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).  

Main Research Areas

> Walking-friendly design of built environment 

> Market preference for transit-oriented development (TOD)

> Modeling of human behavior in urban & architectural space 

> Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

> Sustainable urban design & development

수정 끝점( <-- 지우지마세요 )