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  • [국제적십자위원회(ICRC)] 국제기구 근무 건축가 발표 및 채용설명회 초청
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수정 시작점( <-- 지우지마세요 )

This cluster researches on history, theory, and planning which are the foundation for architectural design and education, and also bridges over to neighbourhood research field; urban planning.

 Lab of Architectural & Urban Space Design  

Director | Sang Ho LEE | |

  | Dong-Wook SOHN |  |

The Lab of Architectural & Urban Space Design at Yonsei University focuses on architectural planning and urban design research. The lab seeks to investigate how the physical form and pattern of urban built environment affects the social, economic, and environmental quality of human settlement by analyzing a variety of data on built environment and human behavior. We conduct multidisciplinary architectural and urban research projects to develop context-sensitive urban & architectural design alternatives. Our current research focuses on developing sustainable urban design strategies associated with walking-friendly built environment and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). 

Main Research Areas

> Theories on Architectural & Urban Design

> Architecture & city planning for the elderly

> Walking-friendly design of built environment 

> Transit-oriented development (TOD)

> Modeling of human behavior in urban & architectural space 

> Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

> Sustainable urban design & development


수정 끝점( <-- 지우지마세요 )